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This map aims to serve everyone who wishes to enjoy birds in the largest of Israel’s deserts; the Negev. First of its kind in Israel, the Negev Birding Sites Map offers both the professional and the amateur birder as well as the average nature lover the opportunity to experience the desert birding and enjoy all it has to offer.
The Ramat Hanegev Birding Center is the newest member of the National Birding Center Network established by the Society for the Protection of Nature in Israel (SPNI). Tucked away in Sde Boker, in the heart of the Negev Desert, the center is the ninth in the SPNI’s national birding centers network, with a distinct desert character that is all its own.
Ramat Hanegev Birding Center offers guided tours to all the Negev birding hotspots and can assist with finding the rarest and most elusive of the Negev birds.
For further information regarding birding in the Negev
feel free to contact:
meidadgoren@gmail.com • 972 (0) 52-3689 608
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